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the world's simplest internet service provider!
our free internet is so easy to use, it's child's play
set up a free dial-up internet connection in seconds,
by setting your computer to dial this number, with
any user name and any password:
0845 604 3090
or use our lightning fast automatic set-up:

click here for automatic set-up

  • fast, reliable dial-up
  • easy set-up
  • no sign-up
  • no contract or tie-in
  • free 24 hour support
  • anonymous internet access
  • no monthly charges
  • cheap pay-as-you-
    go charges (from
    1p per minute!)

Our fantastic free internet service doesn't need you to sign up and give any personal or payment details, just set up a free dial-up connection with any username and password, and get unlimited anonymous dial-up access! It's instant, easy and works with any analogue dial-up modem (e.g. 28.8k, 33.6k, 56k). ISP also accepts connections from ISDN users.
ISP is a free UK ISP service, so you pay only local rate call charges to your phone company, as low as 1p per minute. Your specific local-rate call charges are determined by your telephone provider (e.g. BT, NTL or Telewest), and will appear on your normal phone bill.
ISP services, the world's simplest Internet Service Provider, is a service. Check out the internet services at if you require more comprehensive cheap ISP services offering e-mail, web hosting, broadband, and dial-up internet services.


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For Help & Support call: 0871 210 9977
Calls charged at 10p/per min for BT customers (other networks vary).